Cuisine of Southern Germany and Bavaria

Germany, in north-central Europe is bordered by nine other countries, including Denmark to the north, Poland and Czech Republic to the east, Switzerland and Austria to the south, and France and the Netherlands to the west. Southern Germany, the country’s top tourist destination shares culinary similarities with its international neighbors. The cuisine of the southern

The Gastronomy of Southern Germany Baden Wrttemberg and Bavaria

The southern reaches of Germany are defined by the neighbouring states of Baden-Württemberg, to the West and the expansive Bavaria to the East.  Both have a wide variety of natural resources and environments which have helped shape South German gastronomy over many centuries, forming a cuisine steeped in history, climate and geography. Bavaria, although erroneously

Restaurant Reviews Rebaz in Penge South London

If you are eager to eat traditional Indian and Bangladeshi food that is great value for money, grab a take-out from Rebaz.           Rebaz make delicious, restaurant quality curry in their small, family run take-away just off the main drag of Penge High Street; nice, big tasty orders are completed swiftly

Southwestern Style Chilli Con Carne Recipe

Chilli Con Carne has become one of America’s classic comfort foods. It’s little surprise that Chilli comes to us by way of Mexico, but some of us are surprised to find out the Mexican version has only a cursory similarity to the dish we know and love. Mexican versions lack the extras we put in

What are African eas

Africa produces a large part of the tea we drink. Tea producing countries in Africa include Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi. As well as Burundi, Madagascar, Rwanda, Uganda, Zaire and Zimbabwe. The island of Mauritius produces a black tea that is known for its delicious vanilla flavour, and South Africa is best known for Rooibos or

Steeping tea instructions

Brewing tea is said to be an art. However, like all arts, its ultimate value lies in the taste of the connoisseur. With a few simple guidelines for time and temperature and a little experimentation for taste, your cup of tea can be a masterpiece. First, bring the desired amount of good-tasting, cold water to

Vodka Drinks that Won’t Give you a Hangover

The fresh orange martini: with all that vitamin C, it’s actually good for you! And by using the highest quality vodka, such as Grey Goose, Belvedere, or Tito’s, you can significantly minimize your risk of hangover. This is one of my favorite new cocktails. It’s a lot like a screwdriver, except the proportions are different.

Herbal Teas that have a Calming Effect

In the fast pace of everyday life it’s common to stay tense even when the workday has drawn to a close. It’s far too easy to carry a job home where further financial and familial strains only serve to heighten the level of anxiety. This constant stress level can have a profound effect on relationships,

Indian chai tea

Chai is an Indian tea, which contains milk, sweetener, and has a combination of different spices added to it. Cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves are among the various spices used in the making of Chai tea. It is said that the tea has a calming effect on the person, reduces stress, while also helping the

How to Make a Homemade Liqueur Cocktail for Valentines Day

In winter there are few things better than a warming drink to help those long nights pass by just a little bit quicker.  Come Valentine’s Day, the passion may be increasing but the temperature remains the same.  Although there are plenty of Valentine’s Day/Night cocktails to delight your better half, an interesting twist is a