The Secrets to Maling a Good Venison Jerky

Good venison jerky is an art form.  There is a great variety of flavors you can indulge in, but some of the most popular are the most basic – garlic and herb, spicy, hot, teriyaki, jerk, whiskey.  The best jerky is made from quality meat.  It can be sliced semi-frozen or fresh, but should be

Tips Arranging Fridge Space

Refrigerators can be organized in different ways according to what we want and need out of our storage space. Often we are not sure what a priority is and sometimes organizing a refrigerator is as simple as understanding your needs and arranging the space to suit those. Sometimes those priorities will change and we may

Tips for Foraging Safely

Foraging, or rather hunting for food, is a fun way to make a meal. However, to do this safely, foragers need to know what their subject is, where to find it, if the food has a harmful look-alike, and any warning. Plants and animals provide food, but knowledge of them saves needless and unproductive hours.

The Safety of Organic Food

If you have never tasted an organic carrot or banana, you are truly missing something. The lack of chemical additives in organic produce far and away leaves the taste of mass produced fruits and vegetables bland and flavorless. It just takes one bite to prove it. I know this as fact because I owned a

Tips for Cutting Onions without Tears

Here are some tips you can try to not have those annoying tears when cutting an onion. Or that awful burning sensation in your eyes. 1. Keep your onion in the fridge or put in the freezer for 30 min before cutting. The colder the onion the better it is. Also peel your onion under cold

There are Definately two Sides to Eating Meat

Are you considering becoming a vegetarian?  Perhaps you are already one, but sometimes when other people hear that you are, the reaction is one of horror.  They may comment that, “You can’t live without meat!”  “You’re going to die if you don’t get your iron and protein!”  If these remarks are familiar to you, then

The Importance of a Clean Cutting Board

It was in Health Class that I first learned about cross-contamination. The film used silly little drawings to represent the germs that stayed on a cutting board after it was used. Those little germs would crawl all over the next vegetable that was chopped. Then the camera followed plates piled high with food covered in

Tips for Cooking Okra to Reduce Slime

Okra is not often used in American cuisine, but it is well-known for its critical role in gumbo. Okra’s seed pods may not be as popular as snap peas or green beans, because okra pods have a slimy texture. Fortunately, it is actually quite easy to cook okra and remove the sliminess. Depending on what

The different Ways to Cook Eggs

Eggs maybe the perfect food. They are quite inexpensive which makes them fit in a householder’s budget very well. These high protein rich foods are also loaded with minerals, vitamins, many antioxidants and a host of other nutrients.which are excellent for brain and overall body growth. Over the years, eggs have been given a bad rap in that some with high

The History of Tupperware

Burp! Did you hear it? That was the unmistakable sound of the burping lid. Do you still have lids from the orange, green and yellow era? You probably do, because you know if they ever break,chip or peel, you can find a Tupperware lady and she’ll replace them with today’s color scheme, which consists of