Tips for Making Homemade Bread

Years ago I received a package of sourdough starter as a gift. The directions that came with the starter told how miners had used starter to keep their yeast alive. They had mixed enough flour with it to make a solid lump and just placed the lump in their flour barrel. I followed the directions

Tips for Making the Perfect Muffins

The possibilities are endless for these scrumptious little things. Whether they are savory, full of cornmeal and oatmeal, or slightly sweet, full of chocolate chips or blueberries, they make a great breakfast to wake you up for a long day of work. They go well with a cup of tea or coffee, and are absolutely

Three Easy Movie Night Snacks

When it comes to having the perfect snacks on a movie night, one might think simply of popcorn and some candy However a step out of the box will give not only a great movie night but it will show your fellow movie junkies that you know how to make a rocking snack for a

Tips for Cooking with Celeriac

People stare at this knobbly root in dispair, as they have no idea what to do with it. But celeriac is delicious. Peel thickly to make sure all the skin is gone and you’re just left with the creamy white interior. It’s advisable to use the celeriac immediately once peeled to stop it discolouring. Alternatively,

Tips for Including Goji Berries in your Diet

Goji berries  are one of the latest items to be classed as a ‘superfood.’ There are many reasons for this; most notably that they include large amounts of Vitamin C, beta-carotene and iron, according to a BBC article. Goji berries are now generally available in supermarkets in the UK and the US, but if you

Tips for Cooking Eggs

The egg is one of the easiest and one of the most versatile ingredients to cook. If, however, you have been having problems with your eggs and you want some quick answers, then you’re in the right place. 1) EGGS ARE TOO RUNNY If your eggs are too runny, then you aren’t cooking them long

Tips for Charring Vegetables on a Stove Top

Charred vegetables add a smoky sweetness to any dish because they are dry-cooked over high heat which allows the natural sugars in the vegetables to become caramelized, enhancing their flavors.  Charred vegetables are a summer favorite at barbecues and family gatherings. There are three basic ways to prepare charred vegetables, but some methods of preparation are healthier than

The best way to Roast a Leg of Lamb

Lamb is one of the most versatile and tasty meats with a wide variety of ways of cooking it that can leave the meat to melt in the mouth and make your dinner guests salivate at the thought of enjoying the meal. My personal favorite way of cooking lamb is with garlic, fennel and chilli.

The Secret to Great Pigeon Breast Meals

It is safe to say that in most places pigeons aren’t considered to be game birds. Regardless of this, the bird can be wonderful tasting if cooked properly. Since most of the meat is on the breast, this is often the focal point of the meal made from pigeon. The meal can also be a

Tips for Improving Restaurant Service

After yet another restaurant meal where we were served by a sour faced waitress, waited ages for the food to arrive, which when it did, it was luke warm, and finally, when I felt like my eyebrows had disappeared into my hairline after increasingly frantic brow raising in an attempt to attract the waitress’ attention